TEMPORARY HOURS CHANGE: Due to being short-staffed, we will be closed from 1:00–1:30 PM for lunch.

In-Store Services


We offer in-store computer testing, virus removal, repair, hardware upgrades and replacements, purchase consultation, and tutoring & training. We also sell computers, computer and phone accessories and computer parts.  See below for more information.


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Some of our services include
hardware replacement/upgrades, software installation, thermal
cleanings, virus removal and more.


Computers, both Mac and PC, can be tested by our technicians in the store for a flat rate. This rate will go towards any additional service that is done on the computer.


Looking to buy a new or refurbished computer? Our experts will work with you to find the right computer for you!


Whether you are just learning to use a computer or have been using them for years, we can help you adjust to
the computer and customize it to fit your needs.



We offer business-grade desktops and laptops both new and refurbished. Some hardware customizations are available such as RAM and hard drive upgrades.


We sell miscellaneous parts such as hard drives (HDD), screens, solid-state drives (SSD), and laptop and desktop parts.


We sell accessories such as wireless mice, keyboards, flash drives, SD cards, adapters
and more.